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Directed by Heath Cozens
Co-produced by Hazuki Aikawa and Andrey Alistratov

About the film
Doglegs is a feature documentary about a superhandicapped pro-wrestling league in Tokyo where the disabled battle the able-bodied in the name of smashing “poor widdle cripple” stereotypes. At the heart of the story is the complex relationship between naïf “Sambo” Shintaro, who has cerebral palsy, and his nemesis, the able-bodied “Antithesis” Kitajima, who believes that fighting the disabled is the path to equality. For twenty years, these renegades have commandeered the spotlight, and the disabled have entered the ring as heroes.

But now, the reigning champion “Sambo” Shintaro is ready to hang us his gloves. After a glorious 20 years in the ring, he wants to settle down and marry his dream girl…an university professor who has taken an academic interest in him.

Project status: Principal photography has been completed; the project is now fundraising for postproduction and completion funds.

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