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65-year-old Earl starts to show signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. Refusing to just sit and watch his mind fade away, Earl decides to embark on a journey to the after life. But when he enters the purgatory, he discovers the transition is more challenging than he thought.

Directors’ Statement
The narrative for Departure started with the question “What happens to our memories after death?” And we explored the possibility that memories are, in fact, not really ours to begin with. In this film, a man learns about love, life, and what it means to let go. It serves to┬ámemorialize life and acknowledge its end—a story not only for senior citizens but also for family, friends, and caregivers of elders.

Full cast and crew

Project status: Completed
Public Screening made possible by the Brooklyn Arts Council grant

June 30, 2016
Brooklyn Public Screening at Tender Trap
66 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY