Noka Films

films that challenge preconception and bias

The name “Noka” comes from the Ainu dictionary, an ancient language spoken by the indigenous people of Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, as well as the Kuril and Sakhalin islands of Russia. In English, “Noka” translates to mean both image and map. We too believe that an image can take you places and show the way to something new and inspiring. In 2010, Noka Films was born, taking its name to express both the values and the heritage of the two founders.


Hazuki Aikawa
Hazuki has worked in multiple aspects of filmmaking including production, directing, editing, and screenwriting. With a background in science journalism and documentary production, she is accomplished in research and development for science/medicine-related programs and is well versed in converting concept to visuals for various audiences.  Born and raised in Japan with an American education, she is bilingual and frequently works with both Japanese and US productions. Hazuki has collaborated with NHK, BBC, PBS, Fuji Television, Kyodo Television, and Team Okuyama for Kazuyoshi Okuyama. Her works include feature documentary “YANCHA” for Fuji Television and short films “Gone” and “Upgrade” with Andrey Alistratov.


Andrey Alistratov
As a cinematographer and director, Andrey has worked on various facets of the filmmaking process from pre- to post-production. Born in Donetsk, Ukraine, and having moved to New York City at an early age, Andrey’s work took him from finance, music, and finally to film and video production. Andrey was the head of cinematography for DIG Films, specializing in film production for the music industry including live concert films, documentaries, and music videos. With more than 80 projects to his credit, Andrey has worked with clients such as PBS, MTV, Universal Music and Atlantic Records. His films include “Aftertaste” and short film “Upgrade” with Hazuki Aikawa.